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Former Gap Year Students

student adrienne

Adrienne C:

Hi! My name is Adrienne, and I was in Dr. Imahiyerobo-Ip’s gap year program working as a medical assistant for a year after receiving my bachelors degree at Williams College. I am currently a second year medical student at University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School. At UMass I am involved in lab research on campus, I am a coordinator at one of the schools free clinics, and I co-run an elective class on leadership in medicine. I also volunteer at skin cancer screenings in Worcester and the curronding towns, and I run an educational outreach program at UMass’s free clinics about skin and eye safety in the sun. Through Dr. Ip’s mentorship program and my experience at Vibrant Dermatology, I gained valuable skills that I continue to hone in medical school, and I am very grateful to have worked with both the medical team and the patients of Vibrant Dermatology.

student Ann

Anna P:

My experience working at Vibrant Dermatology has been incredibly rewarding. I began my internship as a Gap Year Medical Assistant after obtaining my bachelor’s degree at Dartmouth and moving to Boston. Dr. Ip immediately became the mentor I didn’t know I really needed at that pivotal time in my career and personal life. Through learning how to navigate new EHR systems, communicating directly with patients about their care, and assisting Dr. Ip with several hands-on procedures including surgical excisions, biopsies, state of the art cosmetics, and lasers, I gained the confidence and skillset needed to provide competent care to diverse patient populations. Through my experience working alongside the providers and the team of Gap Year students at Vibrant Dermatology, I gained valuable teamwork and leadership skills and was able to collaborate as a co-author on several research publications in highly esteemed medical journals. As my passion for the dermatology field grew over my first year, I developed a particular interest in novel technologies such as lasers and biologic drugs. Dr. Ip and the staff at Vibrant Dermatology encouraged me to explore these interests and provided me with the platform and resources to do so. For example, I was given the opportunity to accompany Dr. Ip in attending and presenting research to other doctors at two national medical conferences. I was also provided with the training to become a proficient laser provider at the practice. Administering phototherapy and laser treatment to patients at Vibrant Dermatology is fulfilling and engaging, and has equipped me with invaluable clinical experience for my future. Being a member of the Vibrant team has granted me with genuine mentorship, a lasting, healthcare-focused network of smart young women and resources, and invaluable experience for anyone looking to go into a healthcare profession.

Student Elyse

Elyse K:

My experience at Vibrant Dermatology has been an incredible learning opportunity. As a gap year medical assistant, I participate in all aspects of patient care, including procedures, routine examinations, and patient education. I’ve also had the opportunity to engage in cutting edge dermatological research. The intimate environment has allowed for close relationships with my fellow gap year students and exceptional mentorship from Dr. Ip and Marissa. Since starting at Vibrant, I have demonstrated tremendous personal and professional growth. I am grateful for the learning experience, friendships, and professional guidance as I navigate my journey to becoming a PA.


Student Julia

Julia K:

I have been working at Vibrant Dermatology for a year now as part of the gap year program and my experience has been amazing. Working alongside Dr. Ip and Marissa, PA-C has given me insight into what working in dermatology looks like, as well as how to deliver patient centered care. The fast paced office environment has allowed me to pick up skills quickly and confidently. At Vibrant, there is also a large emphasis on teamwork amoung the medical assisatans and providers, which has enabled me to build my communication skills and prepare for my future. Both providers have been amazing role models who have taught me valuable lessons and helped me through the process of applying to graduate school. I am very appreciative of everything I have learned and continue to learn through the gap year program as I feel very well prepared for my next journey.

Student Michelle

Michelle L:

My experience at Vibrant Dermatology has been amazing. This is my first time working in Dermatology and holding a medical assistant position. Dr. Ip has taken me in as a sophomore in college, allowing me to work part-time during school with room to grow after graduating. Her flexibility with my school schedule and extra-curricular activities has allowed me to take part in this program. I’ve learned the ropes of running a private practice, the hard work it takes to be a medical provider, and the importance of being a medical assistant. Being a part of this practice has shown how important it is to be a part of a team. Not only has it been incredible to work alongside Dr. Ip, I was able to gain insight on the role of a PA through assisting Marissa, PA-C. Both who now help me in my journey of becoming a well-rounded medical provider. I’ve gained invaluable skills and experience that will prepare me for my future in this industry. I can’t thank the Vibrant team enough for this opportunity.

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