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Meet The Doctor

Dr. Joyce Imahiyerobo-Ip

Dr. Joyce Imahiyerobo-Ip is an expert in cosmetic, surgical, and medical dermatology. With over a decade of award-winning experience and specialized expertise in dermatology, Dr. Ip works closely with each patient to get to the root of their skin concerns. She prides herself on developing a nurturing relationship with each patient, balancing her expert opinion and treatment plans with a level of warmth and humor that puts everybody at ease.

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Worked Miracles On My Skin

The entire staff is so professional and helpful! Dr. Ip is the absolute best! She is incredibly knowledgeable! I had horrible acne, acne scarring, and hyperpigmentation. I had really bumpy skin and texture issues. My skin has completely transformed and she gave me a really easy to follow routine. I have tried everything and bought into anything that claimed to work on acne and bumps and nothing has really done anything and it’s so amazing to finally get results. My skin has never looked this good and when I see old pictures of my skin the difference is insane! She is awesome and really takes the time to listen to your skincare questions and concerns. I could not recommend Dr. Ip enough!!!!

Jaclyn Krivitsky

Thankful for hair restoration

A year and a half ago our 12 year old son began losing his hair. First as small bald patches, but before long the baldness had spread to most of the sides and back of his head. As you can imagine, he was devastated and very self-conscious and we were concerned that he would lose all his hair completely. Dr. Joyce Imahiyerobo-Ip, diagnosed him with Alopecia areata and reassured him that she had successfully treated other patients with his condition. She spoke to him at his level carefully explaining the condition in a way that he could understand. She treated him using a combination of internal oral medications and externally with shots to his scalp. She also prescribed a topical treatment she referred to euphemistically as “the Florida cream” due to its unique compounding done at a Florida based pharmacy. Then the Covid pandemic happened and we were unable to see her in person. But throughout the lockdown, she was still able to meet us over Zoom to provide consultation and continue to monitor his progress. After several agonizing months, we noticed that his hair was coming back. At first the little black hair follicles began to dot his scalp, and then the patches got smaller and smaller. Finally to our collective relief, his hair grew back completely. Even his barber was amazed an unable to tell where the patches had been. We are so thankful to have the one of the leading specialists, Dr. Imahiyerobo-Ip as our dermatologist!

Kioko Mwosa

My son is sleeping through the night!

My son was diagnosed with eczema at 2 months old. His 1st year of life consisted of constant itching, discomfort, and poor sleep. We saw a dermatologist who didn’t even assess his skin during the visit and just told us to keep moisturizing. I knew I had to find another doctor if my son has any chance of getting better. I found Dr. Joyce and it has been the best experience ever. After 1 visit, the treatment she recommended cleared up my son’s eczema significantly and he is now sleeping through the night most nights. My son still has a long way to go but I wouldn’t trust his skin with any other doctor.

Jessica Lascase

Dr. Joyce is Fantastic!

I’ve been looking for a great dermatologist for a while and finally I found Dr. Joyce!
She is amazing and the staff is great – they will listen to your concerns, and make you feel at ease.
The one stop office/SPA has everything you need for a healthy skin and glow.
I have been a patient for almost a year and I have seen great improvement with treatments; my favorite is the Aqua Facial…your face will feel so rejuvenated afterwards.

Madelene S.

great pediatric dermatology experience

I have seen Dr. Ip on several occasions, twice for my children and now for my own skin care. First, she has always fixed the issue at hand, the first time. For my children, she has removed a tick painlessly, treated my daughters eczema and for other other daughter, removed a wart. She has an excellent bedside manner. For my own skin care, I have used laser therapy to help remove brown spots and have started using some of of the skincare products, which has helped maintain the effects of the laser. I highly recommend Dr. Ip for your family skin care needs!

Alli Miller

Life changing

Joyce is such a great doctor. When I first meet Joyce, my face was covered in hyperpigmentation. She was honest and laid down realistic goals. It has only been 5 months since I’ve stared treatment and my skin is clear and glowing. I am very pleased.


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